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View Diary: Obama Rally in Madison: Forward! (Photo Diary) (16 comments)

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    A FIB in Cheddarland, AnnieJo

    I'm truely honored to meet one of the founders of our great tradition of activism.  You have accomplished more than you will ever know.  I didn't arrive at Madison until the 70's, but the groundwork you established was alive and well.  I took for granted that all colleges had a large political component, but when I visited other schools, I realized how unique Madison truely was.  If not for the sacrifices that you folks made, scores of people like me would have never even thought of taking a stand on issues.  You empowered us.  You created the environment that many of us thrived in, and grew from.  And it lasts to this day, as you can see.

    I better stop before I get more maudlin, but much respect man.  and thanks, a lot of thanks.

    I really miss Madison too.
    Great pictures do bring out the great memories.

    Till we meet again brother,

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