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View Diary: Fear and Loathing from the Tribe (of Republicans) (68 comments)

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  •  This nation needs to desparately discard the (0+ / 0-)

    Republican party utterly.  This nation desperately needs to create a second party that is honestly to the Left of the modern Democratic party.

    •  All it would do is give every election to Thugs. (0+ / 0-)

      Every current empirical measure, together with history, shows there is a good 40%ish percent of the country that is and has always been rightwing.  The Right is going no where.  

      So, splitting the rest of the electorate with another party more liberal than the Ds only guarantees the Right wins every election for the forseeable future.  The opposite of '92 and '00 write large and permanent.

      •  Have not the "Consevatives" done just that in (0+ / 0-)

        modern party politics?  Presently, we have an ultra-extreme right-wing Republican party and a Democratic party that is far to the Right of Ronald Reagan.  It is the far left that has been utterly discarded in modern day.  I suggest that we turn that around and the sooner that we start, the better.
        We need MORE expression of moderate to extreme Left ideology in our national conversations.  Issues need to have a Left-wing framing for a change.
        Look, the conservatives may be wrong and they may be crazy but they have seen their effort come to fruition long term.
        We need that devotion on the Left now.  

        •  Americans fundamentally are not ideological. They (0+ / 0-)

          are practical.  They want things to work.  If you convince them gov can make it work, they'll vote for that.  That only bsns can, they'll vote for that.  Its why each party occassionally makes hay out

          And the media, elite and 'opinion makers' are fundamentally conservative.  In large part bc money runs them all.

          The reason the Right has pushed things backward if bc the most active and dependable minority of that minority is vociferously cryptofascist and theocratic and keeps nominating the most Rightwing candidates.  The result is ther officer holders move to the right and the only way to get things done is for the rest of the country to move Right.
          Money is happy to encourage and fund this (as it did the T-liars) bc it serves their interests.

          But, that means the focus is not on the party (or parties) but on 1) the dependable base, and 2) its elected office holders.  D's have worked on both and push the party left from Triangulation and Iraq war days.  Yes, BO is more centerist (tho also more liberal in many respects than Clinton governed).  But a large part of that is bc inter alia 1) POTUS's job is in part to try to transcend ideological differences (that whole 'bring the country together' thing that Head of State entails), and 2) voters tend to be less ideological in the votes for POTUS than other offices.  

          Even FDR in the middle of the Great Depression was not elected as a Leftist (he ran on a balanced budget!) and voters didn't support his policies bc of ideology but bc he was doing something about their problems.

          Now this does produce the modern qunadry that BO and Ds find themselves in: how can you be successful and liberal and move the country left ... and still get solutions to at least some problems when the other party refused to support even their own proposals?

          I don't have an answer to that.  

          But I do know that if you split the vote of the Left bt 2 parties, the only winner will be the Thugs.  See, '68- Nixon/Humphrey/Wallace, '00-Gore/W/Nader (and even Anderson cost Carter some states in '80, tho not the election itself).  It works the other way too: '92-Clinton/Poppy/Perot.  There is also wealth of supporting data from lower level Congressonal and state elections.

          •  Well, sure the big money is on the side of evil. (0+ / 0-)

            Obviously, I am not proposing an abrupt shift.  Liberals need to study how the crazy far Right wing has accomplished taking over our national power and politics and emulate it.
            One factor that we are discussing is framing and using emotional appeal.  Perhaps Liberals need to infiltrate the moderate churches to counter the Christian fundamentalists, for example.  
            We have to be careful not to adopt right wing framing and thinking as our own.  

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