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View Diary: Senate snapshot: Dems continue to outperform, net gain possible (93 comments)

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  •  I Realize Job 1 is the White House...... (0+ / 0-)

    But wouldn't it make sense for someone, The Big Dog, Michelle, Joe and even the President to stop off in Indiana and Montana to improve our chances in the Senate.  Why not Texas.  50 States means 50 States.  Build now for tomorrow.

    •  Obama is toxic in Indiana (2+ / 0-)
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      politicalceci, TomFromNJ

      Donnelly needs cross overs who focus on the distastefullness of Mourdock. Maybe Clinton could work and Joe has been here and he hits in pretty strong union/manufactoring areas to help run up the score in the bluer areas but Obama just won't be able to pull the same weight to get Donnelly the voters he needs.

    •  They don't subscribe to (0+ / 0-)

      the "50 State" ideal, at least not in the way Dean created it . . .

      "Lone catch of the moon, the roots of the sigh of an idea there will be the outcome may be why?"--from a spam diary entitled "The Vast World."

      by bryduck on Sat Oct 06, 2012 at 11:23:37 AM PDT

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