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  •  hate the photo. I don't want to vote for a model. (2+ / 0-)
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    DSPS owl, Americantrueandblue

    I want to vote for a legislator. I wish they'd quit trying to make political candidates look like Hollywood candidates. It undermines the need to get as many people as possible involved, because we narrow who we can consider for office, since they have to be photogenic. And it trivialized the work.
    I gather he's supposed to look like some patriotic hero. very jingoistic, when you recognize that this image being meant to impart that message is based on the Hollywood images of old Westerns, which were almost all rooted in the depiction of the First Nations people as "savages" and promoted the genocidal way we related to them.

    Show me this guy with some law books, sleeves rolled up, sitting with other people who all have books, papers and pens in hand, with photos that represent real-world concerns we're facing right now plastered around the room. I don't care if he's deformed, as long as he's capable. He just looks capable of driving a truck here. (An honorable profession, just not the skill set I'm seeking in a legislator.)

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