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View Diary: Right-wing media goes from 'Obama Bear Market' to 'Romney Rally' (15 comments)

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  •  Just goes to show you that any market "analysis" (0+ / 0-)

    which tries to predict or explain the market in terms of psychological factors is a crock of shit.

    Although the "random walk" theory has been challenged in recent years, the LIMITED predictability that can be derived from the 2 proofs against it involves a lot of MATH and can only be applied to individual stocks.

    No one (let me say that again: NO. ONE.) on this planet can say WHY the market as a whole goes up or down on any given day. It's all just guessing, never gospel.

    But that doesn't stop the talkers from filling the time pretending they can. The least they can do is be a hoot while they're doing it.

    One thing you can say for Jim Cramer: he not only knows, he occasionally even confesses out loud that he's peddling bullshit or doesn't have a clue. AND he's the pundit "entertainer" Limbaugh only wishes he could be.

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