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View Diary: And Now comes the Benghazi Security Smear (85 comments)

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  •  Interesting info re: testimonies of french troops (0+ / 0-)

    and it confirms my fears. I've always thought that the Quoran burning episode made absolutely NO SENSE, because if there is one thing the military is supposed to know, it's that there is an extreme sensitivity about religion in Afghanistan and the whole muslim world.

    As for the US soldier killing civilians, we can't know. Could have been a case of mental instability. Although hasn't it been established that he was NOT ALONE , that many of his fellow soldiers were with him ?

    And don't tell me that the offensive video on muslims, just two months before the elections, wasn't intended to create backlash and violent protests in the ME, with the ultimate objective of tarnishing President Obama's credentials in foreign policy. Heck, I even wonder if the different protests were "facilitated" by some rogue CIA people, or private spies who work for Blackwater or Halliburton or any other private military contractors.

    I listened to an interview of that woman I referred to in my post. The interview is on a very questionable website ( new world order, aliens and stuff) . But since the Washington Post article made me think that that woman was a legitimate witness, I listened to the interview. She said that the pressure for war on Iran is ENORMOUS, but that in President Obama , "we have a good guy in there, who doesn't want war". She also said that people that President Obama has put in very important command posts are not for war either so they're on President Obama's side. Unfortunately, MANY in the military go with the wind and don't push back against the war mongers. The whole interview scared me a bit.

    I've grown very cynical in the last few years and I understand now that the powers aligned against President Obama are much more important than I thought. President Obama is not anti-war but doesn't want to be the puppet of the military-industrial complex. Trying to mitigate their influence must be very difficult and energy consuming. Just one example: there was great pressure for him to leave more troops in Iraq and he resisted it ( I don't think he put too much efforts in the negotiations with Iraq ... ) .  

    No question that the military-industrial complex, the "shadow government" as they call it,  wants a puppet. They have the perfect one in Romney, who is an opportunist and a coward.

    Last thing: for the record, I suspect that the last few weeks have been extremely difficult for the President, with all the tension in the ME, the tantrums of Netanyahu about Iran, the difficulties in Afghanistan, and the Syria/Turkey crisis just the day of the debate. And all sorts of stuff we know nothing about. Add to that the additional burden of a tough re-election campaign. The man is disciplined and in good shape, but you can't ask him to be superhuman. He looked awfully tired the night of the debate. More tired than usual. Something was definitely wrong.

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