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    enhydra lutris

    Another one of my gripes with common misunderstandings about the sad health care system we must endure in the US, is billing.

    I have a $3,000 deductible policy. If I should need some expensive care, a naive person might think I just pay the $3,000 and everything after that is covered. Wrong.

    Here's an example. I need an MRI that costs, say, $3,000. If I get it done, I have to pay for it to full-fill my deductible, right? No. I have to pay for it, sure, but when I get my insurance report, it states that of the $3,000 charge, they only 'allow' a $1,500 payment. So I have paid, in addition to my insurance premiums, another $3,000 and I still have another $1,500 left on my deductible. Plus the 20% of the first $1,500. :(

    And even if I somehow manage to pay in enough to reach my deductible, I still have to pay 20% of all future costs, because they only cover 80% maximum. WTF? And if I am really sick or severely injured and therefore cannot work, my pay-checks stop coming in. So how can anyone afford serious treatment? Again, WTF?

    Another part of the medical scam system we suffer is the co-pays. And another is prescription drug costs.

    I hope you can write more on some of these things, because you explain it so well. It is a joy to read your diaries.

    p.s. I had Kiaser-Permanente years ago and it was the best care system I have experienced in the US. I wish I could get it now.

    Mitt's full of it / Ryan's lyin' -- "Your money and your life."

    by BusyinCA on Sat Oct 06, 2012 at 01:12:09 PM PDT

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