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View Diary: Paul Ryan sends copies of Obama's birth certificate to birthers, crushing their hopes and dreams (131 comments)

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  •  No he did it because of the DVD (2+ / 0-)
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    LordMike, antirove

    that the GOP has mailed to white swing state voters alleging that PBO was born in America to a different father (Frank Marshall) than the Kenyan Barack Obama Sr.

    That doesn't jibe with the birther argument, so Ryan has to first set them straight on that issue.

    Incidentally, I'm beginning to think that the recent shift in polling is the result of all of these insidious efforts to undermine our President among white voters in particular..the DVD's mailed to swing voters; the 2007 videotape that re-emerged showing PBO speaking to an all black audience and acknowledging Rev Wright, and a an anti-Obama documentary called "hope and the change" which is currently running on 12 cable/network channels in swing states.

    The MSM is using the debate as the excuse for the Romney bump but I'm not buying it.

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