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    but I'll post here who I'm nominating and that is Melissa Franzen running for the MN state senate in SD49.  Her opponent is big time douche bag Keith Downey who is one of the most conservative politicians in all of Minnesota politics beyond the local level.  (One of those, let's fix the budget by cutting 10% of public employees across the board.)  The state senate seat is open now that Geoff Michel is retiring because he's pissed he isn't in leadership after he failed to publicly release information on the senate majority leader having an affair with one of her top staffers.  The seat went for Obama by 10.76% in it's new figuration, not much changed from the 10.8% under the old lines.

    Downey is currently the state representative for the new 49A, which is the northern half of the SD and voted for Obama by over 12%.  He has gotten extremely lucky in his elections and defeating him needs to be an absolute top priority.  SD49 is mainly the city of Edina, which I describe as where rich old people in Minneapolis go to retire and where super rich people raise families so they can be in a suburb but still connected to the grid system and only be 10 minutes from downtown, without traffic.  Edina and the city of Minnetonka have seen a massive shift towards the Democrats at the Presidential level beyond just a 2008 Obama bump.  We have the seats we deserve in Minnetonka, and now it's time to conquer another big box rich people suburb.

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