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View Diary: Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The debate, the jobs numbers, and the polls (224 comments)

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  •  I really hate saying this (5+ / 0-)

    But I am sure the polls will move dangerously closer before they hopefully stabilize and start ticking up once again for the President.

    The problem though is the debate.  Personally I felt Obama did fine, but most of the debate was a blast of lies coming from Romney going unchecked.  With McCain the blast of lies was punctuated by idiocy and eye rolling - facial performances and just plain old curmudgeon.  Romney just had his usual smirk that people have gotten used to as the norm, way before the debates, (mostly with that creepy smirk as he celebrated the death of Americans at the Embassy).  

    The problem though, the President's style has always been reasoned arguments and points.  And the way the media wants to paint this is missing opportunities, and by the standard it was.  I have to admit that from my standpoint the Obama Campaign wanted this debate to be a disaster by Romney tripping over his own coattails. A passive 10,000 bet utterance.  We got Big Bird fired, but Romney's team got the perceived Clint Eastwood "Empty Chair."  And sadly that will be the New Yorker's cover post debate.  

    My mother is already worried about Obama losing Florida through vote manipulation and the purge.  She already fears she will be unable to vote because of the massive headache getting her driver license renewed this year.  So I see her point, especially after the local news passive story about the voter fraud investigation being done by the FDLE, and the very blatant 'both sides probably at fault' wording.

    This past debate though was like the comic below, an exploding missed spear.  The job numbers are going to hurt Romney, but the debate gave what Romney really needed and craved - a positive news cycle.  

    And President Obama's campaign will have to change the Presidents' performance and style and prevent it from determined as a tie or a loss.  In other words I hope Obama comes out as the campaigner this time on the stump.  Because that's who Romney came out as, and apparently that works this time.

    But remember the next debate is hosted by an individual who is publicly unfriendly to this Administration.

    Spear-ited Away Bugcomic

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