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View Diary: Thank God For Italians: Submarines, Grinders and there a difference? Yeah (175 comments)

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  •  And the best rolls are (6+ / 0-)

    FRESH. As in the bakery driver delivers them to your doorstep, HOT.

    Not in plastic, either. That makes the crust go soft. Paper bags.

    It's the difference between good ITALIAN bread and French bread. Italian bread has a much softer crust, and a denser inside. It absorbs olive oil and doesn't fall apart.

    IMHO French bread is too hard and crusty for a good sandwich.

    But I grew up in Philly, so I'm biased.

    Fwiw, it's the same with pretzels. The mall kind are ok, but NOTHING like real Philly soft pretzels. Which, of course, are best FRESH and still warm.

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