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View Diary: Thank God For Italians: Submarines, Grinders and there a difference? Yeah (175 comments)

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  •  Heros are not Gyros. Gyros are made from (3+ / 0-)
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    kayak58, Thestral, grover

    lamb that is cooked and sliced vertically. Heros are like sub sandwiches. But if you want real food try a Chicago Italian Beef sandwich on an Italian roll dipped in juice. With or without sport peppers. As good as the world famous Chicago pizza and the world famous Chicago Hot Dog. The Triple Crown of Chicago cuisine.

    And all Italian American. The thin Chicago pizza with a crispy crust is a match for the stuffed Chicago pizza. And yes I am a fan of New York pizza and New York hot dogs also. I am not a complete homer.

    •  I know that Gyros are not Heros (0+ / 0-)

      but I've often speculated that the name "Hero" came from "Gyro" -especially given that so many MA pizza/sub shops are run by Greeks.

      I grew up in central CT, where we called the sandwiches under discussion in the diary "grinders", and carbonated beverages were "soda".
      When we moved to MA, the same sandwiches here were called "submarines" or "subs", and the fizzy stuff was "tonic".

      There was some silly joke about sandwiches where they were putting heroes in submarines (can't remember the setup, thank FSM)

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