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  •  Shaken, Not Stirred (13+ / 0-)

    Today is the 50th anniversary of the release of 'Dr. No,' the first film in the now long-running James Bond series based on Ian Fleming's character.

    The upcoming 'Skyfall' will be the twenty-third Bond movie (not counting two unofficial releases of 'Casino Royale' and 'Never Say Never Again'), and to coincide with this anniversary:

    • The full version of Adele's title track for 'Skyfall' has been released.
    • A new trailer for 'Skyfall,' featuring Adele's song has been released.
    • A video blog from EON celebrating the 50th was released, featuring actors, producers, etc. reminiscing about the series.

    There's been a lot written over the years about why this character and series has endured, especially since it's essentially a Cold War power fantasy of sex & violence that's survived the end of the Cold War. Essentially each movie follows the same basic formula (i.e. villain has a nefarious plot, Bond is sent to investigate & take care of the problem, meets a pretty girl involved somehow, etc.). And yet, the character still fascinates audiences.

    It's also interesting to note the similarities to Great Britain's other long-enduring fandom; "Doctor Who." Both James Bond and The Doctor travel far & wide with female companions, with a new young girl coming into their lives sooner or later. Both are known for making witty quips to deal with their precarious situations. Both The Doctor and Bond are characters who've had different actors playing the same character and adjusting the performance with each actor's interpretation.

    From AICN:

    Ain't It Cool News: There’s never really been anything quite like James Bond in the movie industry. You have a franchise that’s been around now for 50 years, you’ve gone through multiple recastings, and yet somehow the franchise keeps going strong without missing a beat, really. What is it about the series, do you think, that really continues to endure through all of these changes within society, as well as within the series itself that keeps people coming back?

    Bond Producer Barbara Broccoli: I think, obviously, the key is the character of James Bond which was the creation of Ian Fleming. I think he created a character that was multidimensional and complex enough... He’s a classical hero, but he’s very human. I think that all begins and ends with the character. So I think it’s Ian Fleming, and obviously the actors who have all re-interpreted the character for the times. So, starting obviously with Sean Connery who... If it hadn’t been for him, I don’t think we would be here 50 years later. He created the cinematic character, and then with each subsequent actor, they reimagined it for the times, and moved it forward.

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