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  •  I agree PBS low impact, Big Bird high impact (2+ / 0-)
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    RudiB, DRo

    I completely agree with your observation that if you say, "I'm going to do away with PBS."  No or low reaction.  Why?  It is a large, amorphous concept with little by way of visualization.  Big Bird is a specific example with lots of imagery and individual experience.  He (or she?) is meaningful and rich with emotion and memory.  

    This is the equivalent of saying, "We are doing away with Medicaid"   Most people think nothing of that.  UNTIL, you realize that Medicaid funds a HUGE proportion of little old ladies in nursing homes who cannot afford to pay those fees (which are somewhere around $7,000 to $9,000 per month by the way)  Or, it funds lots of young folks with crippling disabilities.  So, one way to bury the ideas in the Ryan budget is to do what President Clinton did at the convention.  Say what these concepts REALLY MEAN to regular people who are in your families and living next door.  Are we the kind of people that stop funding for disabled, sick and old people? Hope not.  That's not what Big Bird taught me!

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