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View Diary: The Obama Administration uncovered $430 million in Medicare fraud in a single bust yesterday (86 comments)

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  •  I own a "piece of the rock" and for that yes, I (0+ / 0-)

    am happy to pay, especially since I don't have to pay sales tax if I shop locally, and I already pay one income tax- don't need another. I do realize and I do choose it and I rely on the pledge to separate out the candidate that I want for our new governor, since the democrat that we loved for a record number of terms in this "republican" state has decided to step aside after all these years.

    And my property taxes (can't speak for the rest of NH- you'll have to ask Romney how he feels about his property taxes here) for the 27 years we have been here have not grown by leaps and bounds, but rather, have held steady with the value of our house which -recently re-confirmed by reappraisal for our refinancing- has been based on solid value and not on the kind of inflated equity people were flipping houses for. (God I love our bank- they've been so good to us since 1984 that although we have used 2 local credit unions too, I will always recommend our bank.)

    My "services" here are great- love the highway department, still pay $35.00 for a year of service at the dump, have my own water well, etc.

    Which services are you talking about that the gov't should be giving me that they aren't doing well? When it comes to the school system- well it sure could use an overhaul, but ya know- we spent plenty of years buying our own health insurance because we were a small home business, so when the teachers protest that they're not getting enough health insurance as a paid benefit I have a hard time empathizing with that.

    I do get crappy electricity- goes out an awful lot, but that's them, NOT the gov't. Phone? Don't even own a cell phone 'cause there's "no service" in the mountains where I live, and that's phone anyway, NOT from the gov't.

    In my original comment I pointed out waste, theft, and fraud that are problems- so although it's true that over the ten years that it took me to complete State College on the Mommy plan my tuition tripled. But that can be fixed without new taxes: quit it with the waste and prosecute the fraud.

    "Had we gone the invasion route, the US could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land." -- George H. W. Bush, "A World Transformed," 1998 memoir (explaining why the US did not occupy Iraq in the 1991 "Desert Storm" war)

    by nuclear winter solstice on Sat Oct 06, 2012 at 07:14:02 PM PDT

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