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View Diary: Grow Up Already: You Can't "Win" A Debate By Lying (328 comments)

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    You go "fight for decency and intelligence" while losing the election.  Knock yourself out.  Go back to your cheerleading.  Avoid real analysis.  Put your head in the sand.  Do whatever it is that you do to avoid reality.  

    Even Obama's own team and Obama himself admit that they fucked this thing up.  They could have put this thing away but instead of pushing back against Romney's lies and distortions, he looked like he was taking a scolding.  He didn't defend his record.  He looked like a small man that was not in command of the facts and did not look presidential.  Romney looked like he ran the place.  That gets votes.  Period.  End of Story.  

    Another performance like this and we might well be looking at a Republican president, substance or no.

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