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    They descended on us elsewhere.  From the flying saucer that rammed the world trade towers, or something like that.  Very soon, they will be sent on their way out of the diary section.

    However, I did compose a recipe at about the right level, which is about to be obliterated -- I trust -- so as a gift for future use as needed, I offer a recipe.  This recipe is not a comment on any material here.

    As it is recipe time, and old Kos tradition:


    Find your kitchen sink.  It is in the kitchen.

    Draw a careful diagram showing the location of the valves and handles.  You will need this to turn the water off.

    Find a glass.  They are usually located behind the small doors attached to the upper parts of the wall.

    Place the glass in the sink, with the side with the hole facing up.

    Move the valves or levers slowly.  Make notes on which way you moved them.  You will need this to turn the water off afterward. Eventually water will start appearing by magic and flowing out of a piece on top into the sink.

    Move the glass sideways until it is under the flowing water.

    Allow the glass to fill half way or so, but not more, with water.  It is allowed to measure the water depth with a clean ruler to determine "half".

    Using your diagrams for clues, move the levers and valves until the water stops flowing out of the piece on top.

    Leave the glass in the sink for at least an hour.  That way if you accidentally used the hot water you will not burn yourself while drinking.

    Drink the water.

    Save the diagrams for future use.

    We can have change for the better.

    by phillies on Sat Oct 06, 2012 at 02:22:32 PM PDT

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