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  •  This diary is correct. (10+ / 0-)

    I stopped watching Good Morning America. I got tired of watching them start almost every program with Mitt Romney. They keep on talking about how it is time for Romney to get his "big bump in the polls". They want it to happen! They need it to happen!

    Good Morning America is right-wing trash.

    •  ABC said Barack was wrong on the Romney tax cut (6+ / 0-)

      They posted the AP Report sayings:

      Obama's claim that Romney wants to cut taxes by $5 trillion doesn't add up. Presumably, Obama was talking about the effect of Romney's tax plan over 10 years, which is common in Washington. But Obama's math doesn't take into account Romney's entire plan.

      ....Romney proposes to reduce income tax rates by 20 percent and eliminate the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax. The Tax Policy Center, a Washington research group, says that would reduce federal tax revenues by $465 billion in 2015, which would add up to about $5 trillion over 10 years.

      However, Romney says he wants to pay for the tax cuts by reducing or eliminating tax credits, deductions and exemptions. The goal is a simpler tax code that raises the same amount of money as the current system but does it in a more efficient manner.

      The knock on Romney's plan, which Obama accurately cited, is that Romney has refused to say which tax breaks he would eliminate to pay for the lower rates.

      No the knock on Romney's plan is that it is vapor.  He is committed to a 20% tax cut.  He will let congress decide what can be cut to offsetting but he won't increase the net tax deduction on the middle class.  There is no such plan in reality.

      So.... if Romney had said "tax cuts are possible but I have to work with congress to see what can be offset in deductions and structured in such a way has to be nuetral on the middle class".... that would be different.  But he didn't.

      You know.... his dad had a car company.  If he would have built a car with the price tag of a pinto, the speed of a Ferrari, the looks of a Masarati, the interior room of a Hummer and the safety of a Volvo, he could have dominated that car market.  And it would be about as realistic as Romney's tax plan.


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