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  •  Concern duly noted (21+ / 0-)

    By citing a right-wing poll which would have "jumped" for Romney regardless of how Wednesday's debate went, your premise remains singularly unconvincing.

    If by now you aren't aware that Obama's goal is to WIN the election, not a scripted one-sided debate or the 24-48 hr news cycle immediately following, then you don't know Barack Obama.

    I'm a bit shocked (and somewhat disturbed) by how quickly goal posts are moved when it comes to this President. When people (including the MSM)  thought that Obama would "win" the first debate, the consensus was that debates don't really matter, and the jobs report would be the most important thing. In fact all year, the MSM has been braying that if the unemployment figure doesn't fall to 8% or below, PBO would have a tough time getting re-elected

    But since Wednesday it appears that everyone has suddenly changed their minds and the election suddenly hinges on the first debate?

    Thanks - but no thanks. I'm not buying whatever this diary is peddling.

    •  Well it doesn't hinge on the first debate. (2+ / 0-)
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      What is immediately coming to the punditry's mind is that Romney might, and I mean might, have what it takes to pull off a Reagan in 1980.  That's the comparison explicitly or implicitly underlying most of the fainting spell in the media.  It's an open question as to whether Romney can keep up this level of performance--or more precisely if he can expect the gap in performance we saw in the first debate.  But it's also an open question as to whether the President can close that gap.  He has the facts on his side, but can he trip Romney up with them long enough to wilt inevitable untruthful reply?  Can he keep Romney on the defensive in the next two debates?  Can Biden do the same to Ryan?

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