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View Diary: I fear the race has really turned (update x 1) (93 comments)

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  •  Loquatrix, OBAMA needs the kick -- (1+ / 0-)
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    People here have most probably been donating, volunteering and supporting in whatever way.

    But the President decided to mail in the biggest night of the campaign.  Arent you angry at him?

    •  We disagree about the President's performance. (2+ / 0-)
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      Gator Keyfitz, virginislandsguy

      I know you can't be talked down, because you've managed to sustain the same level of anger on this for three days now, which is quite a stoic performance.  You should really try to draw a line under it and move on.

      •  Yes I'm pissed because (0+ / 0-)

        These venal vicious GOP bastards MUST be defeated. Believe me I'm  trying to relax but it kills me that this thing was headed toward over until Obama couldn't be bothered to compete.

        Anyway, let's move forward ...

        •  I always think of a happy little cat when I see (3+ / 0-)
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          Stroszek, virginislandsguy, Tuffie

          your name.  It's strange to find you so stressed out.  The GOP bastards will be defeated.  It doesn't matter that we didn't land a knockout punch this week; if we had, we would be at serious risk of our campaign losing steam before election day.  Week One of a month-long game is a great time to get a fire lit under our asses; Obama's too.  Deep cleasing breaths.  It's going to be fine, happy little cat.

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