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View Diary: BRILLIANT: Animator for The Simpsons & Family Guy Creates "Why Obama Now" (280 comments)

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  •  Get. Over. It (3+ / 0-)
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    amsterdam, live1, drmah

    Whining doesn't win votes.  GOTV today!

    •  Tone is difficult to convey in written snippets (2+ / 0-)
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      dinazina, LucyandByron

      I regret you interpret the question as a statement. It is a question resulting from bewilderment. The purpose of the question is to seek answers, answers that make sense of a confusing situation. It invites readers to provide opinions on the topic. I appreciate the sentiment that the past debate is spilled milk, but knowing why an error occurred is the path to preventing it in the future.

      Hoping that the tone is clearer, I'll ask again in a way that should be more readily understood: what do readers think is the explanation that an excessively murky and fumbling ramble constituted the prez's closing statement rather than this crystalline statement of the basic issues in the campaign?

      •  Who knows and more importantly (4+ / 0-)
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        live1, amsterdam, drmah, Yamara

        the constant whining in the name of an intellectual discussion is not enlightening.  This has been going on here for 3 days.   It's simply time to move on.    

        Right now I'm getting ready to go out canvassing, as I will again tomorrow.  Last night it was phone banking.  

        The past debate isn't spilled milk when DKers continue to keep spilling it.    Take an action, any action, to get the President reeelcted - it really makes you feel better.

        •  Bravo (3+ / 0-)
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          live1, drmah, LucyandByron

          I applaud your activism.  This is how you respond to the issue, and I celebrate you for this. My work is within academia, my "activism" involves sparring with other academics and students, and I seek insight to use in these conversations.  I have read many posts on the general topic of BO's poor performance, but this is such a succinct statement I remain amazed we did not is hear this specific riff.

          By all means GOTV.  That is how you roll. Probably, your passion will move more votes in this election than mine. I humbly assert my passion is directed at the intellectual development of a tiny sliver of a generation of voters and future voters, neither more important than your target nor probably not less. If I can help my students to think critically about all aspects of political discourse, I can let their future choices between R and D take care of themselves. That is how I roll.

          Surely we can hope to arrive at the same place eventually driving different wheels.

          •  give me a break (0+ / 0-)
            "why the heck was this not Obama's closing statement @ the debate?"
            You are saying that that statement was intended for the "intelectual development of a tiny sliver of voters, and future voters"?
          •  Intellectuals can still (0+ / 0-)

            help GOTV. What are you doing to re-elect President Obama? That ivory tower could crumble if Mitt wins. Republicans despise education and educators. I'm sure you know this.

            Strange disconnect. smh

            •  I have donated $ and have worked the phone banks (0+ / 0-)

              but what any given DKer has done is not the subject of my question. I avoided mentioning this until now because it was not pertinent to what I had hoped the discussion would be and have done so at this juncture partly because my personal integrity has been questioned but primarily to illustrate a far more important point than my original question:

              This thread as well as the comments about the original diary have become polarized in a way that frightens me for our combined cause. Some people want to talk about the video and others want to castigate anyone who is not narrowly focused on getting out the vote, as if the two are mutually exclusive. People can post on DKos and work to elect democratic candidates, as evidenced by those who post on DKos to remind people to work to elect democratic candidates.

              If candidate Obama could opine in 2008 that "government should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time," the same advice could apply to his supporters.

              Get out the vote!  Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.  Get out the vote. Work on behalf of candidates in whom you believe, from the top all the way down the ballot.  Remind, yes even nag, those around you to help.  Remember, however, how you press others for help may determine how enthusiastic they are in the endeavor.  Respect, love, and thoughtfulness for people with whom you share common goals works best in most cases.

            •  Strange disconnect? No disconnect at all (0+ / 0-)

              The "ivory tower" gets a deserved bad rap at times, but "at times" is not the same as always or even most of the time.  Please accept a gentle reminder to remember the distinction because to do otherwise leads to precisely the subtle disregard for academia your comment implies. The ivory tower metaphor itself feeds into the anti-intellectual, fact-adverse, "truthiness"-prone meme characterized by the worst of modern conservatism. This meme is exploited by the forces of conservatism we each fear.

              This resident of the "ivory tower" has current students who are voting in their first election this year.  This "ivory tower" denizen has former students who have been and are currently in government at a variety of levels providing police protection for their community, doing constituent service for congressmen, prosecuting criminals, writing speeches for the governor, crafting communications for the White House, and revising Medicare reimbursement policy for the Congressional Budget Office.  In fact, my first campaign contribution of this election year went to a former student currently running for state legislature in Wyoming (Kennedy Penn O'Toole, Wyoming House District 46, if anyone wants to slide some help her way).

              The ideas educators confront may often seem ethereal and theoretical, but the product of that intellectual work is fully material and living in the real world. Formal education is not at all removed from reality - it is a training ground for the citizens and the leaders who will continue the generational recreation of this country.  Educators' responsibility is to help those citizens and leaders develop the intellectual tools, strength of character, and personal insight to get it right.  The vast majority of my colleagues, striking teachers in Chicago, classroom assistants in the pre-K programs of Georgia, part-time instructors in local California community colleges, tenured professors in the Ivy League grad programs and everyone in between, take that challenge seriously.

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