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  •  Skype isn't as easy as it use to be. Someone (13+ / 0-)

    showed my granddaughter tricks on a smart phone and on a computer. 11 months old and when she'd see a phone no other toy or conversation holds her interest, she wants to use touch screens to shift through pictures...
    and on the computer wants to use keystrokes to make whatever happen

    But still I am so grateful for skype and for easy videos on facebook...
    I got to share a lot of firsts. Her first bye-bye wave was to me from across the country, the first blown kiss, the first time she fed her parents... a few more things.

    They every several months so far and I can honestly say she adores me because she adores almost everyone. It surprises me whenever I see her in person that she is so tiny. How can this wee body contain such a huge personality?

    Hate being so far away... Michigan to California (and I don't have flying finances). I envy a 4 hours away. But it is what it is and yes,
    thank goddess for Skype!

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