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  •  Ooh, and there's a great-grandma too. (8+ / 0-)

    Not a grandma (or ma, for that case), but a suggestion -- something my SIL wishes she'd done --

    Find some of those "what grandma/grandpa's life has been like" memory albums (or make your own) -- they've got questions like "what was your favorite thing to do when you were a kid" & such -- and have everyone fill them out. Kids love that sort of thing.

    •  thanks for the suggestion. n/t (1+ / 0-)
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      •  Can I suggest that you have your mother record (6+ / 0-)

        stories of her childhood and just random memories?

        My grandmother recorded several audio cassette tapes several years before she died and they are wonderful oral histories. When she was still alive my son was 5 and interviewed her for a kindergarten project. She told the best stories of riding to school in a wagon-bus with her feet on a hot brick. She was 6 and rode a horse to school by herself. Great stories of a dairy farm in Idaho.

        My sisters and I just love these tapes because she lived through so many amazing world changes in her lifetime. My son could not believe they didn't have ice cream and they kept ice buried under sawdust because there were no freezers.

        Digital recorders are cheap, you could just have your mom tell stories and save them for your kids and grandkids. You could do the same thing.

        Since when is the party that embraces all the top tenets of Satan allowed to call the God shots?--wyvern

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