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  •  Gas is $5.69 in portions of the Bay Area (1+ / 0-)
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    Averaging $4.169 in Reno (they get spill over effect from CA) up there. It's whole Saleing for $4.70 a gallon! Costco shut down their stations! There are fuel lines and it's a fucking mess. And it's a really big fucking deal. I was paying $3.85 a few weeks ago. I use a tank a week. At $2/gallon higher, that's $30 disposable income a week out of my pocket. It spills over into food prices too. This means I don't buy anything and the economy tanks again.

    Remember CA would be the world's seventh largest economy on its own. And it's a big part of our national numbers. They need to do something--yesterday. (The administration is pressuring, quietly because they don't want to piss off the green nuts, the Air Resources Board and the Legislature to allow importing of non-CA gas for six months).

    The surge is because CA requires a special mtbe blend to clean the air. The refinery in Richmond, CA (Bay Area) blew up 6 weeks ago, and it provided 1/5 of CA's gas. Then the Exxon one in LA had a power failure and it produces 1/3. So there's a shortage and then the speculators bid it up, whole sale prices up by a buck in a week!!!! You east coasters may not really understand, but the distances in the west are greater, public transit is poorer and this has a real impact in people's pocket books. Enron and their price spike gave us the Governator and the 2003 recall; CA in this kind of energy shock environment would be open to a Republican.

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