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  •  I live in the West, and get this is a huge problem (0+ / 0-)

    Temporary is easy for easterners to say. If people are finally having enough confidence and disposable income to spend again but then see it burned up in a temporary gas shock, it's a big deal. A $1.65 increase since early Septmeber is $20 a tank, so for somebody like me, that's $100 a month. Net pay hasn't increased near that amount. The IRS rate remains at $.555 a mile for reimbursement, but at $5.50/gallon, you're looking at more like $.67 per mile to operate a car. It's killing the western economy and it's a big deal.

    •  Gawd (1+ / 0-)
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      KJB Oregon

      You are not the only one who lives in the West....

      This is a classic case of concern trolling.

      The solution to this "gigantic" problem of yours is already in process.....

      Or are you suggesting more drilling....perhaps in our national parks?

      •  I am suggesting releasing the oil reserved (0+ / 0-)

        And waiving the CA blend requirement for six months.

        I support electric vehicle adoption (my next car will be a plug-in hybrid). And I think there are good long term solutions to the problem. But I also think that high gas prices are devastating for people on the margins of the economy and that we should do something now about them.

    •  I live in SoCal (0+ / 0-)

      and gawd knows we love our cars and freeways.....

      But most everyone here has kept their cool about this....

      Because you cite a SF paper, I am guessing you are from the Bay Area....but you don't sound like you have a Northern California sensibility.  

      Where's the praise for BART, the distrust of fossil fuels and the concern about the melting polar ice cap?

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