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  •  Why the hell was Obama "making deals"? (1+ / 0-)
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    Democrats had near to 60 votes in the Senate.  It would only be 59 because Franken was not seated.  All it would take is one moderate crossing the isle to pass the larger stimulus.  And, in the face of Obama's and the Democrats' large victories, and the very bad economic situation, they would have very little leverage to filibuster anyway.  

    Obama came in with commanding majorities, and right from the start instead of acting like it, he acted like the Dems had a narrow 52 or 53 seat majority.  

    The same thing happened with health care reform.  The truth is Obama's performance while in office has been close to atrocious.  He didn't take advantage of his majorities when he had them.  

    Then when the Dems lost in 2010, resulting in split government, Obama decided to start acting like Republicans controlled both Houses.  

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