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    In our current system of government, to gain and keep office, a law-maker must solicit donations from private sources.  This soliciting and receiving of private donations is inherently corrupting: the law-maker become beholden to the wishes of those who are donating money.  In such a system where many give a little, but a few give a lot, who do you think the law-maker is most likely to listen to?  Yep, the few who have big bucks to give.

    (A real life example: the for-profit gun industry has a much bigger budget for giving to political campaigns than the non-profit gun control and public safety groups)

    So to end the inherently corrupting activity of soliciting and receiving "donations", we outlaw ALL private donations to law-makers and office-seekers, and we make ALL election publicly financed.  Such a system will free law-makers from any obligation to wealthy and corporate interests.  Law-makers would then be free to write and pass legislation based on what they think is best, instead of based on what they think their wealthy donors want.

    "The fool doth think he is wise: the wise man knows himself to be a fool" - W. Shakespeare

    by Hugh Jim Bissell on Sun Oct 07, 2012 at 06:56:25 AM PDT

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