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View Diary: Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone: Mitt Romney Wins BS Contest (114 comments)

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  •  I Thought Romney Was Overbearing, As Well..... (2+ / 0-)
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    Shawn Russell, chimene

    but he was playing to HIS audience.  They eat that authoritarian stuff up.  Then he swung to the middle....pretending to care about people about to lose their insurance.  Just last month, he told them to go to the ER......but that night, he cared.  He really, really cared.  

    Not saying I liked his style, just that I would have like to see a lot more push back from the President.  Romney lies w/ confidence because he's been able to get away with it.  There is some truth that if you repeat a lie often enough, a certain segment start to believe it.  

    •  Yeah, but his audience (4+ / 0-)

      was already in the bag for him, so... not really important. I'd have liked to have seen more pushback too. I'm glad to see, however, that the outrage about not enough pushback has lead to a large-scale media discussion of how much RMoney lied throughout the debate. ;)

      5% are undecided only still.

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