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  •  It is rather annoying to see week after week... (1+ / 0-)
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    JeffW anti-nuke announcing concern about climate change.

    For more than 30 years, nuclear energy was the world's largest, by far, source of climate chantge gas free energy.

    It no longer is as of this year.   The world's largest form of climate change gas free energy is now hydroelectricity.

    This is not because of a huge growth in the highly questionable (and very dangerous) hydroelectricity industry, an industry in which a technological failure at Banqiao caused more than 200,000 deaths in 1976.

    It is because of the wanton and ignorant destruction of existing (and highly effective) of climate change technology and its replacement with dangerous fossil fuels.

    (It is a sad comment on the questionable mentality of anti-nukes that they give not a rat's ass about these Banqiao deaths, but carry on endlessly about, say for instance, Fukushima, where thus far, for all the carbon fueled whining and crying they did about it, not a single known radiation related death has thus far been reported.)

    Rather the nuclear infrastructure shut by the ignorance, fear, and superstition of our anti-nukes was replaced by dangerous fossil fuels, the waste of which kills 3.3 million people per year, half under the age of five.

    Heckuva job anti-nukes.   You must be very, very, very, very, very, very proud.

    The destruction of nuclear infrastructure is always accompanied with wishful thinking and entirely myopic bullshit - as stated above deadly, even murderous bullshit about what the very expensive and failed so called "renewable" energy industry could do.

    This was true when these whiny uneducated liars and frauds called for the cloture of Rancho Seco (replaced by natural gas), Trojan nuclear power station (replaced by natural gas and coal) and Maine Yankee (replaced by natural gas).  

    This sort of ignorant destruction has been going on for several decades now - and is still going on - and the outcome has never, not once, changed and still these asses carry on.

    This year will almost certainly end up one of the ten worst in human history for increases in dangerous fossil fuel waste in the planetary atmosphere, probably one of the top five.

    Gas is being fracked everywhere, and, ironically releasing considerable amounts of radiation ironically (in the form of radon).

    Heckuva job anti-nukes.

    It is far too late to do anything to address climate change.   Winning one hundred thousand presidential elections, one billion debates could do nothing.   Reversal is now impossible.  

    As noted by the World Health Organization, the death toll from climate change separate from the toxicological 3.3 million aforementioned, is every fucking damn year right fucking now the equivalent of hundreds of Chernobyls and (thus far) infinite numbers of Fukushimas.

    Every single sorry ass anti-nuke on the left is equally responsible for this tragedy as is denialists on the most dogmatic type on the right.    

    An anti-nuke complaining about climate change is the moral equivalent of a gasoline soaked arsonist complaining about urban fires.

    Congratulations anti-nuke.   We live in the world you worked awfully fucking hard to get.  

    Again, you must be very, very, very, very, very proud.

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