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  •  I have encountered compulsive liars and those (9+ / 0-)

    without conscience.  When there is no desire to reach understanding and get to the truth but only to gain power through harm one must change one's response to come out whole.

    I liken it to the hostage negotiation strategies the White House and Dem senate employed to deal with the debt ceiling crisis.  It was a particular kind of situation.  You didn't want the hostage (our country) being "killed" so it required different strategies.  The debate with a sociopath that we just witnessed required different techniques as well.

    As far as I know there are two ways I can respond to someone when I identify them as a sociopath.  I can say back to them "that is what you say" thereby ending the interchange without getting into their ploy.  The other way is to not talk about the subject matter but to switch into a discussion of the ploy itself.  In this case the President would simply describe for the audience the strategy Romney was employing to dissemble and cause Obama to react.

    I am not sure how either one of those things would have worked in a debate.  If the moderator does not insist on some kind of debate censure then there is nothing one can do but give nothing to the sociopath to work with.

    I think healthy people despised what happened in front of their eyes during that debate.  We really do not like lying as a general rule.

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