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  •  That's where the backstabbing.... (0+ / 0-)

    ....from Democratic power brokers came in. They sat on their hands and did nothing to rally the troops.

    •  The fault is Coakley's (0+ / 0-)

      Why is it that their are actually more Independents (officially) than Dems in MA?

      I think it's at least partly because MA voters like to think of themselves as independent one tells them what to do. They very often pride themselves for voting for the PERSON not the party. Problem with that of course is when it extends to Senate and House seats...ostensibly local impact but not really. Some voters do not follow national politics closely and don't remember civics class. They WANT their vote to be just for them not a national vote. It feels WRONG inside to take the country into consideration in a personal vote.

      I even have that in me, born and raised in E. MA as I was. I realize that those beliefs are there so I can counter them with rational thought of what is at stake. But MANY other MA voters do not have the clarity or the information to do that.

      Coakley lost because she was acting entitled and like the annointed one. The media said she had it locked up, too. Inside myself I felt anger and resistance to be TOLD I WOULD BE ELECTING HER. I think this made MANY MA voters give Brown a second look. I had feelings like that myself...I grew to HATE Coakley and her lack of effort and how she was a "shoe in". I countered it with my acute knowledge about the effect on national politics. It also helps that my own politics is to the LEFT of the average MA voter!

      So, I held my nose and voted for Coakley. But I REALLY WANTED to stay home.

      Coakley and the media's fault. Entirely. Do not take MA voters for will always loose.

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