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  •  When did we lose lactose intolerance? (8+ / 0-)

    Normally, mammals become lactose intolerant soon after they're weaned if it's not part of the weaning process.

    You wrote that mare's milk was part of the Botai diet, that would mean that the mutation that makes so many adults lactose tolerant occurred by then in that group. To me, that raises the question of when that happened.

    I presume that drinking mare's milk preceded cow's milk since that culture would have needed to ride horses before they could domesticate the cow. (Other milk-drinking cultures, there are 3 different lactose tolerance mutations in Africa may not have needed it, but since the Botai drank mare's milk first, that would indicate that they (or what succeeding culture did it) needed horse riding to accomplish the latter. Would you have a timeline on the respective domestications?

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