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    Bill Mitchell.

    He has tons of blogs on the site for review, from every aspect of the discipline.

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      Bill is one of the three contemporary MMT "fathers" along with Warren Mosler and Randy Wray. All three are close. Bill and Randy and Bill will soon publish a major book together. Warren is personally very close to Bill and has supported research centers and research efforts of Randy and Bill. Among the three I'd say that Bill is best when it comes to the formal development of MMT and its mathematics. At the same time, Bill's writing is very passionate and full of his moral sense. There's too little of that in economics in my view. Bill is a real crusader, as is Randy. Warren is more the persuader, "the cool hand Luke" among the three guys. He's more the person who likes to work inside and has faith in the process of educating the elites.

      Others now involved with MMT are also very passionate in their writing. Bill Black, Michael Hudson, and Jamie Galbraith come to mind. Their thinking is broadening the MMT synthesis as the years pass. Other very important figures are Marshall Auerback, Pavlina Tcherneva, Mat Forstater, Scott Fullwiler, Jan Kregel, and, of course, Stephanie Kelton, the editor-in-chief of the NEP blog. Stephanie may be the best communicator of the bunch. Her writings and presentations are extremely well-crafted to introduce people to MMT. She can simplify, while still being precise. Warren's great at simplifying too, btw.

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