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  •  Cheers from SC (9+ / 0-)

    ...where if playing WoW makes you unsuitable for public office then I couldn't run for Town Janitor. Not that I would. It would take away from my WoW time. Having fun in Pandaland.

    Cheers to beautiful weddings and spending time with the extended family. My sorta-brother got married to a real keeper down in Georgia this weekend. Cheers to the happy couple.

    Cheers for being out of the bubble all week. Vacation good. Not paying attention to anything also good. Information overload bad. Back to it.

    Cheers to coffee. Just in general. Makes 5 hour drives tolerable, keeps people around me alive for another day. Coffee: Preventer of premature death since 1089-ish.

    Have a good one, folks.

    "I chose to change facts, reality, and the meaning of words, in order to make a much larger point." - Paul Ryan John Oliver

    by SC Lib on Mon Oct 08, 2012 at 07:22:23 AM PDT

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