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View Diary: Yes Mitt, Big Bird IS worth borrowing from China for. (35 comments)

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  •  Maybe we shouldn't have to borrow (1+ / 0-)
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    from anyone.

    Clinton era tax rates and construct had us on a policy toward surpluses.  

    With interest rates low for the foreseeable future - together with a non-obstructing congress - we should be able to mend the economy so that the annual deficit shrinks even faster and we begin to set the foundation for managing / reducing the federal debt burden in the coming decade or so.

    If that means Sheldon Addison, Jack Welch, Donald Trump, the Mittster and a few other "too much money for their own good" wing nuts contribute more to VA Hospitals, Big Bird, Infrastructure and the like, then why would any real American in their right mind be against that.

    When they say "We can't afford that anymore" what they really mean is that they have to take away as much "support" from the poor, the middle class and the unions to make sure that 100% of their small earnings go to subsistence and medical care so they have NOTHING LEFT by which to put money into politics in opposition to the moneyed class.

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