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  •  SMART is coming (2+ / 0-)
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    elwior, Oh Mary Oh

    It is going to go Santa Rosa to San Rafael with additional plans to end at the Ferry terminal in Larkspur. The local bus systems in Santa Rosa and even Petaluma are OK, but Marin County royally sucks at local bus transit. The train won't work unless Marin gets with it.

    •  C-Max plugin is coming! And I am getting one (1+ / 0-)

      95 MPGE! Forget those Prius cars that are built by non-union labor.  Support UAW and buy Ford and Chevy Cars.

      •  $10k price difference between Volt and Prius (1+ / 0-)
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        Oh Mary Oh

        Right now I drive a Yarus--ok, can get upper 40s with hyper miling driving techniques, but generally between 38 and 42 mpg (I drive 62 everywhere). But a Prius C or Insight can get better mileage at around $20k, the MiEV is prices right for me, but it takes too long to charge. A used Leaf--~23k, might be the way to go, but I worry about warranties. The Prius Plug-In, from my view, is better technology than a Volt bc it uses brakes to fully recharge the battery. The Volt uses the engine, which lowers MPG in non-EV mode. I've read that some Prius plug-in owners are getting 150mpg actual. Even with added electricity cost, that reduces what I pay for gas by 65%. The math on how much they are--$30k, makes sense. If Ford or GM would make an EV that could fully charge in an hour on a level 2 charger and go 150 miles on a charge and retailed for $33k or less, I'd buy it. But until then, the Prius Plug-In makes the most sense--90 min charge on a standard 120 outlet, 15 mile range, regenerative braking to recharge, quick top ups possible at charging stations. So if the American companies don't innovate and make a better product in the next three years, Prius Plug In for me.

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