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  •  What a revealing diary. (4+ / 0-)

    Yes, we have come that far from accepting reality, as a whole society.

    And while the fundamentalist wing and fundie fellow-travelers among the Republicans of course bear a lot of responsibility, so do all the rest of us.  It's not as though, outside the climate science community (and these people aren't generally activists, after all) there has been a major public campaign demanding specific actions and demonstrating the efficacy of the lifestyle changes that are required to lessen the inevitable effects of climate destabilization.  We've all done our little bits and many people have done more than that, but there really has not been a movement to save the planet.  A shocking thing to say, but empirically true.

    But it is remarkable was once-upon-a-time at least science itself was not openly scoffed at.  And that just makes a sensible movement for atmospheric stabilization so, so much more difficult.

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