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    I couldn't image losing my sight for any amount of time, I'm just such a visual person.

    No one knows what it's like, To be the bad man, To be the sad man, behind blue eyes....

    by blueyedace2 on Sun Oct 07, 2012 at 08:08:15 PM PDT

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    •  It was horrifying.. I learned to never go outside. (4+ / 0-)

      I ordered all my food from online.. I could still read out of a tiny bit of my eye and bought a huge monitor so I could keep my job.. It got bad when I could not read the microwave and magnifiers would not work very well. I did not know what was next cause the insurance company would not pay for the shots to save my vision.. I was paying 340.00 eye per month until I could not afford it anymore.. It was horrible I cried allot and even cab rides to the grocery store were bad cause the cab drivers did not want to go that short of a distance (about 2 miles) I was alone. had no friends (my friends Charles died of a stroke the year before and his boyfriend grief stricken killed himself. It was a tough year, I call it the dark night of the soul. A time when I almost lost hope (bought a shotgun). But then A old friend told me to try something and I got my vision back.. to 20/50. I cannot talk about it here cause its not legitimate in the eyes of my state. I cried the first time I saw the sun and a smile and the year was worth it.. I never want people to go through the same thing so I am begging people on my facebook to vote Obama. Obamacare gives me the knowledge I wont be on my own if I lose my job or retire. I remember folding my money with a cab drivers help and having to trust people.. I had made all my payments automatically go out of my bank so I would not see the numbers and make mistakes. Its tough and I never want to be blind again. anyway I love everyone at dailykos even though I don't write tons of diaries.. (I suck at grammar).

      "We need a revolution away from the plutocracy that runs Government."

      by hangingchad on Sun Oct 07, 2012 at 08:21:49 PM PDT

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