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  •  I was at Grand Prismatic Spring last summer (2+ / 0-)
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    Steveningen, Puddytat

    Photos were taken shortly before sunset so the coloring of the water may not be as vivid but here are some  representative pictures:

    The area itself is not far north of Old Faithful. You approach it by crossing the Firehole River which parallels US Highway 20/89/191...


    The spring itself flows through a series of craters known as Midway Geyser Basin before outflowing to the river...


    You can see how hot the spring must be...


    A raised walkway carries you across the flow of water from the spring...


    Even without taking into account damage caused by people tossing things into the water the terrain is very colorful. It's actually one of the more spectacular places I've ever been...


    If you want to see the enter set of photos, go here.

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