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  •  open to change (10+ / 0-)

    Thank you for listening to your soul and making a political shift toward the progressive/liberal movement. It takes courage to go against what you've known all your life, but sometimes it's necessary. Your soul knew what was right for you.

    One of my grad school classmates was raised a Democrat, but later joined the GOP. She knows Mitt is full of crap, but she's still considering voting for him. I don't understand, and I don't speak with her much about it. Too frustrating to do so. Hopefully she will come to her senses soon.

    •  In my younger years I became friends (4+ / 0-)

      with a number of real, honest to goodness rocket scientists (one is an MIT PhD, mathematics). These are folks I've known for 3-5 DECADES. In 2008 these folks were all voting for McCain and, when questioned, said they believed Palin had all the qualifications necessary to be president. I was shocked and pointed out that I also had all the qualifications necessary and "did anyone think it would be a good idea for me to be president?????". I still maintain friendship with these folks, but the relationships are definitely not as intimate as they once were. I lost a lot of faith in the intelligence of anyone who would put that dipshit a 70-year-old-heartbeat away from the presidency.

      Whose bread I eat, his song I sing.

      by Hanging Up My Tusks on Mon Oct 08, 2012 at 02:47:45 PM PDT

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