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  •  Well..... (12+ / 0-)

    I guess it is possible to have a socio-economic policy that would make Robert Mugabe proud:

    • 20+% inflation
    • Limited GDP growth in spite of sitting on a sea of oil
    • Crumbling infrastructure
    • Commodities shortages
    • One of the highest murder rates in the world

    If you also control the state-run media that's running constant propaganda including your multi-hour speeches, can unilaterally direct state funds to use like "earmarks" to buy votes, and also require all government workers to support your campaign & attend rallies.

    Oh... and also control the election commission and the courts.

    •  Lets not forget locking up all the dissidents (4+ / 0-)
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      Rimjob, Kevvboy, VClib, erush1345

      By count of Human Rights watch over 300 Political Prisoners inhabit Venezuela's jails and more than 400 have had their rights to run for office taken away from them under Hugo.

    •  For a man who champions the poor (1+ / 0-)
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      Chavez permits an awful lot of criminality and economic failure and lack of sound economic development.  Venezuela is and increasingly dysfunctional country- unfortunately, real economic decline is pretty usual for petrostates.

      But for those to whom hating on the wealthy is an end, he's a sufficient means.  A lot of the Venezuelan 99% voted against him this time.  If I recall earlier elections correctly, Chavez's margin of victory is falling every time.

      Chavez also does everything to economically punish those who support his opposition.  That's why doctor and dentist offices get moved into public schools in Venezuela where opposition is strong- so Chavistas don't defund and strip the locale of healthcare services.  It's a very petty way of running a country.

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