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  •  This is exactly how I see it too (1+ / 0-)
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    I'm not quite as eloquent but this has exactly how I've viewed things since the debate.  I know people who's minds were changed and not in a small way.  Romney completely redefined himself and sadly so did Obama.  The fact that it is all based on lies of historic proportions seems to carry little weight; the President had a tenuous lead on people deciding to give him the benefit of the doubt which is not a strong foundation and based on 90 minutes of reality TV that foundation was eroded.
    The President apparently did not realize what is at stake, how duplicitous his opponents are and that the nice guy might just finish last.  I'm worried gang, very worried.

    •  Jobs report blunted the impact (1+ / 0-)
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      Romney has two tasks at hand:
      1. Convince people that Obama should be replaced
      2. Convince people that he is the man to do it.

      Romney did a decent job on #2.  But the jobs report made #1 almost impossible. Rasmussen, of all polls, showed economic confidence spiking after the jobs report, so people definitely paid attention. If Romney can't win on #1, then #2 is irrelevant.

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