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  •  Aren't the boleteras (2+ / 0-)
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    Gorette, Donkey Hotey

    "helping" these voters to fill them in? "the voting lady that came to help"? If these are elderly ethnic people, ESL, the "helper" can fill them in any way they want.
    I suppose they would have to somehow prove that they got these ballots to get paid and if they mailed them, they'd have no proof.

    •  I can only help my family members (3+ / 0-)
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      StrayCat, orlbucfan, Donkey Hotey

      complete a ballot. I can help a stranger IF s/he requests it. That's it. These people go to nursing homes and assisted living facilities and offer to "help"by taking the ballot to the SOE office.

      These are elderly people who don't have transportation or are severely incapacitated and can't drive. Some of them are not mentally competent to vote. But they automatically get ABs because they requested them years earlier. The shysters know this, and come around to game the system and help their preferred candidate. There probably are well-meaning helpers, but I doubt the numbers are high.

      Florida should have revamped this system years ago. If Democratic candidates use ABs in large numbers the Legislature will do something. But for now, it's mostly the Republicans. So ..... crickets.

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