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View Diary: Syrian Defector: Assad behind "terrorist" bombs (27 comments)

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  •  nope, sorry (0+ / 0-)

    I know that oracles used smoke but you've been huffing it.

    The way to avoid entanglement is to get the facts straight and act on principle.

    •  I have been there done that (0+ / 0-)

      I know what I speak because I have served and still serve and see what principle has exacted on our military men and women.  Go visit a wounded warrior or work with them like I will change your mind.  

      Oracle2021: Reality according to Mitt Romney "Why tell the truth when a lie will suffice...the bigger the lie the bigger the pay off"

      by Oracle2021 on Mon Oct 08, 2012 at 02:03:14 PM PDT

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      •  change my mind? (1+ / 0-)
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        Clay Claiborne

        You're putting me in one of your own standard buckets, or something.

        I'm not advocating American intervention, beyond leaking arms to the rebels, in a fine American tradition, so they can do something we need done, which is to demonstrate the low value of Russian planes, helicopters and tanks.

        Oh, and they will gain their freedom, whether we end up with friends, like in Libya, or with people who mistrust us.

        I'm wondering why you hit me with the "I have served" sandbag. How do you know I haven't? How do I know you really have? What difference does it make? I've already told you, and nothing in anything I wrote stands opposed, that I think staying out is not only wise but effective, because of the Russians' attitude. I even detailed why the Turkish gestures must remain gestures, imperatively.

        I have served by being part of the revolutionary effort to communicate the truth, and I have used the intellectual resources at my command to determine that the Syrian Revolution is a real Arab Spring revolution, not a mish-mash of disparate griefs. For God's sake, 40,000 killed all told ought to entitle a people to a modicum of respect when they are choosing to stand almost as one people, against the brutal crowd-suppression technology perfected in the West...war machines turned on civilians.

        I visit with wounded warriors every Syria. I see headless children every Syria. And I see what "principle has exacted" - God, what a smug thing to say! Every day I see people whose families have died for their principles - and who might well buckle under the weight of grief - or guilt! And yet it is the Name of God on their lips that keeps them holding to the metal rod of duty.

        I live in a place where there are thousands of American troops, many in hospitals. Quite a lot of them are cheerful, but when you talk to them about why it all happened and what it was worth, they can only say: I did my duty, I did my job, and I just hope it was worth it.

        Now that I've written this, I regret having felt outrage at your words. I never wanted troops in Iraq or Afghanistan. I try to say supportive things to ex-soldiers but it's hard, because they so clearly do doubt that their sacrifices were needed or even wanted at times.

        But what you said simply has nothing to do with Syria. You clearly don't know anything about what's happening over there, or the details of our policy, or anything else that's germane. So I think definitely you should stop acting like everyone who supports Syrian freedom is a warmonger. I'm calling you completely out on that. I hope your soldiers can feel better about things, but it's not painting every conflict with a single brush that's going to restore a sense of historical progress to our nation within the comity of nations.

        Maybe you could do me a favor and just not answer.

        •  This is a civil war (0+ / 0-)

          Let Syria take care of Syria's problem...we are tired of wars with shifting alliances.  The nations in that region need to promote peace and regional security.  

          Oracle2021: Reality according to Mitt Romney "Why tell the truth when a lie will suffice...the bigger the lie the bigger the pay off"

          by Oracle2021 on Mon Oct 08, 2012 at 05:06:55 PM PDT

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