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View Diary: President Obama: Set the Narrative at the Beginning of the Next Debate (9 comments)

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  •  the debate continues... (0+ / 0-)

    Over whether Obama should specifically rebutt each lie or in general rebutt Romney's credibilty in the way you suggest. I believe that your way is better. This candidate--and yes, his entire party--live in an alternate universe where black is white and up is down--and I believe that should be the general frame, which can then be buttressed by whatever specific rebuttals Obama cares to present as opportunities arise during the debate. But the general frame desired is that republicans cannot be trusted to tell you the truth. ON ANYTHING. Everything else should fall into that frame. I believe your diary nails it.

    •  reBUTT my ass. We're moving forward. (0+ / 0-)

      Ignore tonight's, or this week's, revised, rebooted makeover of re-cycled Bush policies.  Nailing jello, even with a pneumatic nailer, is still a mess.

      In 2008 we dodged the depression bullet.  We bent the medical cost curve downward; and picked up 30 million who were left out.  

      Since 2010, the do nothing Congress has had its foot on the brake.  

      In 2012, America must Decide.  Does government "get out of the way" or "get in the fight"?

      Barack Hussein Obama- Don't Mock the Constitution.

      by odenthal on Mon Oct 08, 2012 at 11:29:59 AM PDT

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