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View Diary: Bogus claim #237: Romney repeats BS in speech today that Obama signed no trade pacts (17 comments)

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  •  let's focus on other Romney lies (3+ / 0-)
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    The three agreements were signed during Bush's term.  Implementing legislation was approved during Obama's term.  Technically, Romney's statement that no new trade agreements have been signed is correct.

    I was outraged when CNN declared the President's statement that 5,000,000 new private sector jobs have been created in the last 30 months to be false because jobs were lost during the earlier months of his term and there are fewer public sector jobs.  Let's not be sloppy and inaccurate ourselves.

    There is a much stronger case to be made regarding Romney's lies about his tax and healthcare positions and his clearly false claims regarding alleged middle class tax increases, robbing from Medicaire, slashing defense spending, etc.

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