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View Diary: Walmart: America's real 'Welfare Queen' (110 comments)

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  •  "If Walmart Raises Its Prices, Wouldn't Many Of (2+ / 0-)
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    tardis10, Egalitare

    it's customers need taxpayer funded social services because they are paying more for food and clothing?" First of all, since the majority of Walmart customers are low or moderate income, a lot of their customers are ALREADY dependent on social services such as food stamps - raising prices is not going to change that dramatically.   And second, if Walmart (and other corporations) were forced, via collective bargaining agreements, to pay their workers a livable wage, then raising prices would have little or no effect on increasing social services use, and as the diarist points out, would actually DECREASE dependence on safety net programs such as food stamps, etc. The collective bargaining agreements would determine, based on Walmart's profitability, what each class of worker was worth, rather than the current Walmart mentality of  "we can pay our workers as little as possible because we can get away with it, and the taxpayers will subsidize them for us."

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