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  •  Walmart finances public school privatization (1+ / 0-)
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    The Walton foundation with the Broad and Gates Foundations are financing stealth campaigns all over the country to pass education laws that will 'Walmartize' public schools. Destroying unions is their mission. Buying politicians and elections is their method.

    Ravitch has the details of Walmart's sleazy campaign in LA to undermine unionized teachers:

    UTLA has resisted the imposition of value-added-assessments to evaluate teachers, knowing that research shows these measures to be highly unstable and inaccurate. UTLA was burned two years ago when the Los Angeles Times created its own rating system and used test scores to publish its ratings of thousands of teachers.

    Subsequently a California group called EdVoice, funded by billionaire foundations (Broad and Walton), discovered a 40-year-old law called the Stull Act, which says that pupil performance should factor into the evaluations of teachers and administrators. EdVoice filed suit on behalf of anonymous parents to demand that the LAUSD school board start using test scores to evaluate teachers.

    An interesting thing about the billionaire foundations: They want charters (and in Walton’s case, vouchers). They want teachers to be evaluated by test scores. But typically, when the law is written (as in Louisiana), teachers in charter schools are exempt from evaluation by test scores.

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