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View Diary: New Pew poll shows Romney gains in debate's wake (125 comments)

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  •  Repubs are no more enthusiastic than DEMS (0+ / 0-)

    Again, the quickness with which some of you are ready to embrace false media narratives makes me question your agenda.

    The DAY after the media said that Obama fell flat on his face in the debate, he had a rally in which 6,000 people had to be relegated to the overflow area because 30,000 had already filled up the original venue to capacity. Earlier that day, he had an event with 12.500 attendees.

    Meanwhile, Mitt Romney who a sterling performance according to the MSM and had ramped up the Republican base had an event in VA on Friday and he couldn't even get more than 10000 (which was really around 5000 but doubled in size by the media).  Yesterday, Romney/Ryan held an event and they closed it to the press so no one would no how many people attended.

    The enthusiasm meme is a patently false one, and people who buy it so readily are doing so out of their own personal desires.

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