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View Diary: Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll: Romney takes the lead in post-debate period (404 comments)

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    totatlly agree with you here. I was stunned that instead of
    a logical calm report of the debate, Mathews, Schultz and, Maddow went crazy, their heads exploded. It is not about denial it s about MSNBC giving aid and comfort to romney. Can we stipulate that romney won on the optics and this is what is "conventionaly" considered the most important factor?
    I've been coming to this site for many many years, lurking and, reading. I have seen the type of fearful reactions to bad news before but, I have never seen it last so long after level headed people here have repeatedly pointed out among other facts that the first debate was only 25% of a 100 mile journey, Sure the swing to romney is large but, that's precisely because Obama lost: he lost on the optics.

    Remember the right wing also knows that romney lied. But as in everything else that has no weight unless it goes against them. Their greates glee and enthusiasm is being derived from the left's self imolation. That's my opnion.
    My first post here and, I'm happy to be here.

    romney = GOPperhead (the art of baffling with bullshit)(7)∞

    by longtimelurker on Tue Oct 09, 2012 at 10:15:56 AM PDT

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